“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

I am a traveler in her 20s who pays for the plane tickets by freelance writing.

Crave adventure and hate monotony. Debilitated by new country FOMO, slowed down by petting strangers’ dogs in the street. Can’t resist the urge to remove shoes and barefoot climb a tree. Not above putting bread in my purse. Can be as sweet or as mean as a cat. Hard on myself and on others. Incorrect singer of song lyrics, potty mouth extraordinaire, finisher of your plate, wearer of mismatched socks, giver of tough love and homemade lasagna. Both a lover and a fighter, both responsible and reckless, but mostly I’m a wanderer.


Currently in: Banff, Alberta, Canada

Last trip: Scotland

Next stop: Not sure



Instagram- @womanwanders